Sage Couples

Evidence-Based, Impartial Couple’s Therapy

Sage Couple's Psychologists are specifically trained in couple's therapy. We use evidence-based processes and interventions to assist couples to create a more satisfying relationship.

The therapist acts as a non-judgemental and impartial coach to each person to help build the skills required to address areas of difficulty.

We educate and train couples to develop skills for creating closeness, effectively negotiating conflicts and resolving past hurts. 

We assist partners to understand and value each other's perspectives and move toward a happier, stronger relationship.



All standard therapy appointments are for 80 minutes and will occur as required, usually fortnightly initially. Occasionally, you may be offered Marathon Therapy which is 4-6 hours of intensive couples therapy.

Couples Therapy incorporates communication training and psycho-education to help you work with your partner to create a loving relationship. Using an impartial Coaching model, we will will identify your goals and introduce evidence based ways of effectively improving your relationship.
Couples Therapy is an opportunity for you to understand how you are behaving and existing in your relationship. We recommend you come along to sessions thinking about how you can make positive contributions to your relationship. 


  • In what ways am I making my partner unhappy?
  • How am I communicating with my partner?
  • What difficulties do I bring to this relationship?
  • Am I ensuring my partner feels loved and respected by me?
  • Am I deeply listening to my partner?
  • How am I meeting my own needs in this relationship?


Separate to couple's therapy, Sage Consulting provides psychological services for Adults struggling with a wide range of issues.

For more information on other psychological treatment that may help, please visit Sage Consulting.



Evidenced based Couples Therapy
Gottman Level 3 trained

Louise Ryan is a consultant generalist psychologist and founder of Sage Consulting Group.  Louise has worked in a variety of acute health and organisational consulting settings before commencing private practice at Sage in 2006.   With more than 25 years’ experience in counselling and mental health treatment, Louise offers psychotherapy for individuals as well as Gottman based Couples Therapy.

Registered with APHRA
Member of professional body, Australian Association of Psychologists (AAPI)